Gone Viral


In our social media-centered society today, videos and popular memes could be the fastest and most influential way of communicating to vast audiences. This video explores the different viral videos we’ve all seen, from the KONY video to the lovable “Charlie Bit My Finger,” and surfaces the different driving forces behind them. Some are made and shared just as a way of entertaining, others are posted raise awareness of serious social issues which, as this video suggests, can provide comfort to those exposing hardships their culture may be going through. New companies have been launched with these videos as their sole form of advertising, while other well established companies have used online videos for advertising much more frequently. Whether just for fun or driven by more serious factors, the popularity of these videos have recently become one of the most efficient way to reach mass quantities of people.

This video is so culturally relative right now, especially in our generation. I was immediately effected by it because it is true: the growing popularity of such videos is extremely apparent and they have become a huge influential factor in our society today. Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, almost half of the posts are now videos of this sort. The increasing popularity social media, in which videos play a huge part, is becoming the sole interest of youth today and can cause a disconnect between us and living: it seems that we live just for the cool video we could get, or the Instagram photo. However, this video proves that along with entertainment, we can use this tactic to spread awareness of social issues which is something that we should not take advantage of.


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