Making Broken Beautiful

This video addresses a common notion in our society that broken is automatically a negative, especially in our technology driven society broken is usually just an inconvenience. However, in this video by Idea Channel, it suggests that we move past the initial negative connotation of the word and acknowledge a certain kind of beauty in “broken,” especially when it comes to art. The type of art shown in this video is made by structurally breaking images or image sequences to form a certain type of “glitchy” media. We may find beauty in this type of broken artwork because it gives us nostalgia for our past, like the VHS and VCR that so often only partially worked, because it is unpredictable, and because it transcends our expectations to sends us into unknown territory.

Immediately when I noticed just the name of tis video it drew me towards the concept of broken being beautiful. What initially drew me to art in general is exactly what this video explains: art lets us transcend any reality and create something that is far from realistic if we, as artists, want to. In my opinion, the beauty in any art form is found in actually “breaking” reality and “breaking” expectations to rid us of any societal or real-word constraints to create something that forms, in a sense, our own creative world.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of “glitch”, this video explains more thoroughly.

Here is an example of animated glitch.

This video explains how to do some glitchy art of your own on photoshop.