Painting with… Light?

This video explores an idea that we may not initially think of when we hear the word “paint.” To paint, usually, is to paint using paint in the most literal sense. However, this video introduces a new kind of painting that uses long-exposure photography to capture different colors, forms, movements, and textures in light exposure on the subject. The artists “paint” their subject with light while the camera captures each moment over the course of the light exposure to turn it into one beautiful painted photograph. The results are incredible, and definitely resemble a painting more than it does photography. This is a new and interesting way to express creativity in an art form.

This art form is rapidly catching on according to Patrick Rochon and Aurora Crowley, who are the focus of this video, and I can see why. This is a type of art that I had never yet been exposed to, but as soon as I saw the title of this video I knew it would be something that I would enjoy because I love when art is expressed in new and unique ways. Art can never be done exactly the same way with the exact same results, especially in this art form. What intrigues me the most and is driving me to try it is the fact that a light artist, once the entire set and types of light are set up and the subject is ready, may have some shell of a preconceived notion of what they want but will never know exactly what the final product may be. This type of artist cannot see the product gradually, they must solely rely on the energy of their gut, only to see the incredible product at the end.

A basic light painting tutorial can be found here.

Here’s another basic but fun video on light painting.

If this concept also sparks your interest in the other things you can do with long-exposure photography, like it did for me, check this out!