Images 21 and Beyond

For my last sketchbook post, I decided to post my process to which I decided on a theme for my final manifesto. My style is very simple, and simplicity was always going to be the overall theme of my manifesto. For the project, my initial idea was to focus on the our relationship with the stars/planets/universe, because a lot of my sketchbook images over the course of this semester were based on things from our world set to a background of our universe (elephant, flower).

Then, I changed my mind and decided to create vintage/retro style images on illustrator, and I posted 2 of the first images I created (airplane, vintage flowers).


Yet again, I changed my mind and combined the two ideas. In my manifesto, I will be examining what inspires me: Humanity’s intimate, simplistic, relationship with nature, and how to stay connected in this technological age of distraction. Below, I posted a couple of the polaroid-esque pictures I took and edited that I will be using as inspiration for my final project.


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